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Christmas present and ornaments

The Movies, Music, and Memories of the Season

Before we even get started on discussions about Christmas, we need to settle one thing: I don’t buy all this debate about “Die Hard” not being a Christmas movie. Just because a movie doesn’t have Santa or holiday magic doesn’t mean it’s not a Christmas film. I’m not a trial lawyer, but I can tell you that if this case went to court … CONTINUE READING

People clinking drinks

2 Ways to Avoid a DUI This Holiday Season

The holidays are supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, but for those traveling, they can also be very dangerous. The rise of DUIs during the holidays is becoming a significant problem in many American cities. According to a survey by Harris Interactive … CONTINUE READING

Ugly sweater graphic

Ugly Sweater Parties

It’s speculated that the first ugly sweater party took place in Vancouver, Canada, back in 2001. Since then, the trend has become one of the most popular holiday party themes. Come Thanksgiving, you’ll start to see racks in all types of clothing stores lined with … CONTINUE READING


Obiorah Fields

Where I am And Where We’re Going

I t may sound trite, but I got into this field to help people. When I inventoried my skills and talents, it was clear that the best way to make a difference in the lives of others was to get into law. But when I started working as an attorney, I wasn't dedicating my time to … CONTINUE READING

Woman meditating

Improve Cognitive Function in Minutes

Meditation has often been touted by New Age gurus as a way to find inner peace and stillness. But what if meditating could reduce the effects of aging on your brain? According to research, taking a … CONTINUE READING

Pea pods

Lay Some Shade on Me

There’s nothing quite like growing your own vegetables, but if your home doesn’t get the best sunlight, what can you do? It’s a problem many gardeners face. Even if you live in … CONTINUE READING